Crowdfunding: What Is It? Three Tips to Make it a Success!

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Crowdfunding: What Is It? Three Tips to Make it a Success!

Most people don’t think of kids as entrepreneurs, but the truth is that kids have innovative ideas that can turn into something lucrative over time. Some kids and teens even have revolutionary ideas for tackling some of the world’s hottest issues related to the environment, food safety, helping homeless, saving animals, etc.

Most of the kids’ ideas need funding to get started. As kids, they obviously don’t have a source of income to fund their dreams. Parents and family members may also not have the ability to financially back them. But this must not stop kids and teens to pursue their ideas to see where it takes them in their journey.

The best way to raise funds for kids/teen ideas is by using crowdfunding sites. If your kid/teen has shown the drive to be an entrepreneur with an amazing idea, you can use crowdfunding to raise funds for the idea. But what is crowdfunding exactly and how can you use it to its fullest potential.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a cause or idea by convincing the crowd, i.e. individuals, to donate to help make that vision a reality. The donation can be as small as $5, $10, $50, or go big as per the individual’s capacity. Once the fundraiser has enough donations, they can have the funding they need to start working on the idea.

Online fundraising for kids can be done so that they can get money to procure the resources and essentials to start working on the idea. For example, if your kid/teen wants to learn music and needs money for buying the music essentials, you can create a crowdfunding campaign for donations.

Three Tips to make your crowdfunding campaign successful

If you create a crowdfunding campaign for your kid/teen, you want it to be successful so that your kid/teen can follow their idea and make it a reality. So, here are three tips on making your crowdfunding campaign successful:

1) Tell Your Story

If you want individuals to donate to the crowdfunding campaign, don’t forget to tell an intriguing story. Most people will donate to a campaign that has a touching story. So, make sure to clearly express and write down your idea and vision in a way that strikes a chord with the donors. You can also create a compelling video explaining your “whys” of your idea.

2) Have a Network

The best way to kickstart your crowdfunding campaign is to have an inner circle of people. A strong core network will ensure that you get an initial set of donations. Moreover, it will be easier for you to share the campaign on different social media platforms.

3) Offer Perks

Make sure to offer some perks to the donors. Maybe you can give them recognition on your website or ask them to contribute to the product design or such.

These are a few things that will make your crowdfunding campaign a success. And if you want to create a crowdfunding campaign for your kid/teen, you can visit our amazing online platform KidVisionaries.

Our crowdfunding platform is specifically designed to raise funds for ideas, resources, and causes taken up by kids/teens. So, check out our platform now to learn more.

Can a Child be an Entrepreneur?

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Can a Child be an Entrepreneur?

If you have taken a stroll in your neighborhood or community, you may have observed two types of kids. One type is the kids/teens who are playing with their friends, in their gardens, doing sports, and other typical activities you would expect from children.

The other type of kid/teen is outside of his/her home with a table or booth selling something. Sometimes it’s lemonade, sometimes it’s candy, sometimes it’s something they have made, etc.. And you think to yourself, this kid is not like the other kids in the neighborhood. S/he is always selling something to the neighborhood. Well, of course, s/he is different than others. And before you ask why? The answer is simple.

This kid is an ENTREPRENEUR!

Yes, this might come as a surprise to most people, but kids can also have the entrepreneurial drive from an early age. Age doesn’t make an entrepreneur. Instead, someone with great ideas and a drive to turn it into a business makes them an entrepreneur. And with the right financial support through a fundraising or crowdfunding campaign, these kids can turn their idea into a full-fledged business.

How do kids get their entrepreneurial drive?

Entrepreneurial-minded kids have inner motivation to do something great and it doesn’t matter to them what age they are. They may be motivated to help people, animals or the planet in some way. They may want to use their creative gifts or innovations to create some sort of business. Entrepreneurial kids are usually: strong willed; independent thinkers; big thinkers; innovators; inventors; artists; motivated and/or business minded. They may have observed successful entrepreneurs around them or on social media which sparks their own creativity. Kid are sponges. The observe everything around them. The world to which they are exposed will help shape their future. When they are introduced to innovative, creative, entrepreneurial mindsets, it can activate the drive within them to do something larger than themselves using their inner gifts and this sets them apart from other kids.

How are entrepreneurial kids different than other kids?

You might have seen that most kids are navigating their life by learning and identifying ways to fit in this big world.

Entrepreneurial kids have a completely different outlook towards life and this world. They are hyper-focused on their inner drive, motivation and projects and are driven to see where their project can take them. They seek out ways fund their ideas with kid fundraisers so that can they can invest that raised money in driving the idea further.

Will it be a success or a failure? If it’s a success, a kid entrepreneur will think about how much they can earn and how much more can they push in the direction of success at their mission. If it’s a failure, that doesn’t deter a kid entrepreneur from working on their new ideas. This instead ignites a fire in them to come up with new ideas that can turn into a successful tomorrow.

Passion and drive to turn their vision and ideas into a proper business plan is what makes kid entrepreneurs different from other kids.

If you know of an entrepreneurial kid and want to help them financially, suggest they create a kid fundraiser fundraising campaign that you can donate to on our kid crowdfunding platform, KidVisionaries. an emerging kid/teen crowdfunding platform focused on providing needed resources to kid entrepreneurs to help them receive the proper financial support to succeed at turning their ideas into a business.

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